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If ever there was a time to open a meal prep franchise, this is it.

What is Meal Prep?

Meal prepping is the idea of cooking a whole meal or dish in advance, so you don’t always have to worry about timing.


Why a Meal prep franchise?

The meal prep franchise industry has been flourishing year over year since its introduction in 2012. Now, it is as if such businesses are being called to serve on an entirely new level.

Revenue from meal kits franchises and the meal prep industry is expected to soar to over $7.6 billion by 2024. That has tripled since 2017 because, despite the changes in the American household everyday schedule, and the stress it induces, people still want delicious, healthy food options for their families.

An astounding 42% of Americans are currently working from home full-time. At its peak, 51 million students were learning online at home, often with assistance from parents. Families don’t have time to cook nutritious meals. They choose meal prep services franchises because they are convenient, but they also know solid nutrition has been proven to aid in better health.

Americans and others around the world are facing numerous, unforeseen challenges that come with a global pandemic. Despite these challenges, they have also shown their resilience. Communities are supporting their local businesses more heartily than ever before, even as those businesses are forced to adapt to a “new normal.”

What is Healthy Meal Prep?

One of the best ways to make your life easy is by meal prepping. You’ll find yourself with more free time and less stress because you don’t need as much food, which means that even though it takes effort now (at first), over months or years this can become an everyday thing!. Healthy Meal Prep is the method of applying healthy cooking principles to meal prep industry. 

UpFresh Kitchen meal prep franchise revenue streams include:

Meal Plans

Each week starts with meal plans ready for pick up or delivery! Regular orders keep your staff busy helping people plan for their week of freshly prepared meals to feel good about, for themselves and their families.


Dine-in options as well as online ordering help drive revenue each day. You can create the perfect place for guests to refuel for a satisfying meal during a busy workday or after a tough workout.

Grab & Go

Our restaurant fridges are bursting with fresh, flavorful, and healthful options: a quick stop for people on the move, especially in the evenings.

Community coolers

You can establish relationships with local businesses for pick-up of pre-ordered meals from gyms and other community hubs. Easily accessible for guests around town, your off-site community coolers are restocked weekly with prepaid online orders.


Special event catering rounds out your schedule. You can offer boxed meals, build-your-own bowls and taco bar options, or fruit and vegetable trays for all of life’s events, whether it be workplace lunches, birthdays, or family gatherings.

How UpFresh Kitchen meal prep franchise was created?

UpFresh Kitchen is a food prep franchise that was created by a registered nurse. He saw firsthand the consequences of what a poor diet can do. He saw it in his patients who suffered long-term health issues, and he saw it in his co-workers who were so busy and run-down because the time it took to meal prep something healthy just wasn’t realistic for their schedules.

Fast-food options were the likely result, and there are plenty of statistics that show the downside of some fast-food chains when it comes to nutrition. He knew there had to be a better way, and there w

Even without the state of the world as it currently is, today’s consumers care more about the quality of their food, or where it comes from, than generations past.

According to a Mintel Consumer Report, millennials are the real “foodies,” and 57% of them think meal planning takes longer than it should so seek other options.

That’s good news for meal prep franchises for sale who have millennials as a target market, a demographic that has taken over Baby Boomers in numbers.

Meal Prep Franchise or Meal kits franchise, What’s the difference?

A Meal Prep Franchise and a Meal Kits franchise are two different things.

Meal-prep is a service that prepares meals – ready to reheat and eat.

Meal Kits contain all of the ingredients to make the meal, along with the recipe, so consumers can make the meal themselves.

The latter is more time consuming, as it saves the time it takes to shop, chop and prep, but still requires assembly and cooking time. Meal prep is ready to go, and is especially convenient when delivered, but typically offers a pick-up option as well.

UpFresh Kitchen is a healthy meal prep franchise concept that has taken an upward-moving food trend and complemented it with a multi-faceted food service to meet the demands of busy individuals and families. Not only are the meals delicious and nutritious, ready to heat or store in the refrigerator, but they are available to be received in a handful of convenient ways, which results in multiple revenue streams for the franchise owner.

UpFresh Kitchen is changing the way people think about healthier food!

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