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UpFresh Kitchen provides an exceptional business model, reasonably priced investment and support by an experienced, innovative management team. Here are additional details on the investment and potential opportunity. For more information, including requesting a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document, please contact us today!
Meal prep franchise cost

Estimated Initial Investment

Type of ExpenditureAmountMethod of PaymentWhen DueTo Whom Payment is Made
Initial Franchise Fee 1$35.000Lump sum payment in cash or available fundsUpon signing the Franchise AgreementUs
Your Training Expenses 2$1,000 - $8,000As required for transportation, lodging & mealsAs required by suppliers of transportation, lodging & mealsSuppliers of transportation, lodging & meals
Premises deposits 3$3,600 - $10,000As required by landlord, utility providersAs required by landlord, utility providersLandlord, Utility providers
Design and Architect Fees$5,000 - $10,000As required by supplierBefore opening as required by supplierSupplier
Leasehold Improvements, Construction and/or Remodeling 4$40,000 - $280,000As required by supplier, contractor or landlordBefore opening, as required by supplierSuppliers, contractor and/or Landlord
Furniture & Fixtures 5$15,500 - $25,000As required by supplierBefore openingSuppliers
Exterior Signage 6$5,000 - $12,000As incurredBefore openingSuppliers
Business Licenses and Permits 7$500 - $1,200As required by government agenciesBefore opening, as required by government agenciesGovernment Agencies
Computer Systems 8$1,000 - $6,000As required by suppliersBefore openingSuppliers
Initial Inventory to Begin Operating 9$5,000-$7,500As required by suppliersBefore openingSuppliers, Us
Office Equipment and Supplies$3,000 - $6,000As required by suppliersBefore openingSuppliers
Kitchen Equipment 10$80,000 - $160,000As required by suppliersBefore openingSuppliers
Vehicle$1,500 - $35,000As required by suppliersBefore openingSuppliers
Professional Fees 11$1,500 - $3,000As required by providersAs incurredAttorney, Accountant, Other Professional Service Providers
Grand Opening Advertising$2,500 - $10,000As required by suppliersAs required by suppliersSuppliers
Insurance 12$600 - $1,200As required by insurerBefore openingInsurer
Operating Expenses / Additional Funds – 3 months 13$9,000 - $18,000As incurredPayroll weekly, other purchases according to agreed-upon termsEmployees, utilities, suppliers, etc.
TOTAL $209,700 - $627,900

Gross Revenue $1,148,175.64 100%*

Cost of Good Sold $416,572.35 36.3%*

Gross Profit $731,603.29 63.7%*

* As detailed in our 2022 Franchise Disclosure Document

1 Please see Item 5 for information on incentive programs that may offer a discount on the Initial Franchise Fee.

2 The cost of the Initial Training Program for up to three (3) individuals is included in the Initial Franchise Fee. The chart estimates the costs for transportation, lodging, and meals for your trainees. These incidental costs are not included in the Initial Franchise Fee. Your costs will depend on the number of people attending training, their point of origin, method of travel, class of accommodation and living expenses. The duration of the training program is approximately 80 hours. This estimate does not include employee wages.

3 This estimate includes a three (3) month deposit of rent for a 1,200 – 2,000 square foot location at a minimum rent, common area maintenance (CAM) fees, real estate taxes and insurance costs ranging from $10 – $40 per square foot. Real estate costs vary widely from place to place. Rental rates may be more or less than this range depending on the location of your Franchised Business. You may also incur real estate broker fees, additional prepayments (e.g., first and./or last month’s rent), advertising or promotional fund fees or other costs, depending on the terms of your lease. Pre-paid rent is generally non-refundable while security or other deposits may be refundable either in full or in part depending upon your lease or rental contract. Utility providers set the amounts of the utility deposits. A credit check may be required by the issuing utility company prior to the initiation of services, or a higher deposit required for first time customers. These costs will vary depending on the type of services required for the facility and the municipality or utility provider from which they are being contracted. We have based our estimate on the experiences of our affiliate. The figures in the chart include deposits that may be refundable to you at a later time. In most cases, your lease will require you to pay electric, gas, water, and other utilities directly; however, some landlords cover some utility charges through operating fees.

4 This estimate is for the costs for improvements to your Franchised Business location. The low end of the range assumes a retrofit of existing space that already has a suitable hood system, walk-in cooler, and sufficient utilities, and/or includes a tenant improvement allowance from the landlord. We have based our estimates on the historical experience of our affiliate. If you choose
to add restaurant service to your Franchised Business, leasehold improvements will be higher due to additional requirements to provide the service.

5 The furniture and fixtures required for your Franchised Business include counters, interior signage, and digital menu boards. If you choose to add the restaurant service to your Franchised Business, seating may be required per franchisor discretion which will increase furniture and fixture expense.

6 This estimate is for the cost to produce and mount storefront signage on the exterior of the premises.

7 This is an estimate of the costs of building permits, sign permits and a certificate of occupancy for your premises. Not all locations will require all of these permits, depending on the prior use of the premises and the requirements of local ordinances. This estimate also includes the cost of a local business license. The costs of permits and licenses will vary by location. We cannot estimate the cost of this license because requirements and fees vary widely. Please contact your local governing agency for this information.

8 We require you to purchase computer systems and software meeting our minimum specifications for use at your Franchised Business. This estimate includes the cost of our current required POS system and business management software, which are Quickbooks, our Proprietary Meal Prep Software and Toast POS. You must also have Internet and other telecommunications equipment and services in accordance with our standards to permit electronic transmission of sales information. We reserve the right to change your requirements for computer hardware and software at any time.

9 This estimate is for the cost of the initial inventory sufficient for approximately one (1) week of operation. Your initial inventory will include ingredients and supplies, containers, cleaning products, and other disposables. Initial inventory needed will vary based on volume of sales during the first week of operation. If you choose to add restaurant service to your Franchised Business, initial inventory expenses will be higher.

10 Kitchen equipment includes walk-in coolers and freezers, ovens, hood system, sinks, and smallwares. The low end of the range assumes your rented premises has existing equipment in good working order. If you choose to add restaurant service to your Franchised Business, kitchen equipment expenses will be higher.

11 You may incur professional fees depending on the scope of work performed, which may include, legal and accounting fees to review franchise documents and costs of forming a separate legal entity and/or obtaining zoning approval. This list is not exhaustive. This amount will vary greatly depending on your specific needs and location. We strongly recommend that you seek the assistance of professional advisors when evaluating this franchise opportunity, this disclosure document and the Franchise Agreement. It is also advisable to consult these professionals to review any lease or other contracts that you will enter into as part of starting your franchise.

12 Before you open for business, you must purchase and maintain at your sole cost and expense the insurance coverage that we specify. Insurance costs and requirements may vary widely in different localities. The estimate is for the cost of deposit for one (1) year of required minimum coverage. We reserve the right to require additional types of insurance and coverage as provided in the Franchise Agreement.

13 This is an estimate of the amount of additional operating capital that you may need to operate your Franchised Business during the first three (3) months after commencing operations. We cannot guarantee that you will not incur additional expenses in starting the business that may exceed this estimate. This estimate includes such items as rent, utilities, internet service, initial payroll and payroll taxes, Royalties (as described in this disclosure document), Brand Fund Contributions, repairs and maintenance, bank charges, music fee, miscellaneous supplies and equipment, initial staff recruiting expenses, and other miscellaneous items. These estimates do not include any compensation to you, nor do they include debt service. These items are by no means all-inclusive of the extent of possible expenses. We relied upon the experience of our affiliate-owned UpFresh Kitchen outlets to compile these estimates. You should review these figures carefully with a business advisor before making any decision to invest in the franchise. These figures are estimates and we cannot guarantee that you will not have additional expenses starting your Franchised Business. Your additional costs will depend on factors such as how closely you follow our methods and procedures; your management skill, experience, and business acumen; local economic conditions; the local market for our service; competition; and the sales level reached during your initial period. We estimate that a franchisee can expect to put additional cash into the business during at least the first three to six months, and sometimes longer.

We do not offer financing for any part of the initial investment.

All fees and payments are non-refundable, unless otherwise stated or permitted by payee.

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