Franchise Opportunities in Charlotte, NC: 8 Factors to Consider

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Whether you are a seasoned business owner or budding entrepreneur, pursuing a franchise opportunity in Charlotte, NC can check a number of boxes on your due diligence list, while minimizing risk and keeping upfront investment costs to a manageable level.

Before jumping into the deep end of the franchise pool it’s critical to gather as much information relevant to the specific franchise or franchises, if a few different types of concepts look like a real possibility.

Beyond the franchise itself, other factors to carefully review include the area’s business climate, and the greater economic forecast in the immediate and longer term in the region and nation at large – especially as it pertains to particular industries.

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For this example, let’s take a closer look at North Carolina franchise opportunities market.

  • North Carolina earned the top spot on Forbes’ list of the Best States for Business.
  • Business costs in North Carolina were ranked second best in the nation according to Forbes.
  • Labor costs in North Carolina are 10% below the national average and the fifth lowest in the country.
  • North Carolina has been in the top five overall of Forbes’ Best States for Business List for 13 straight years.

Recognizing the significant growth in the meal prep industry and increasing demand for fresh, healthy and convenient food within the QSR industry, it’s no coincidence that UpFresh Kitchen offers Charlotte franchise opportunities and chose this location as its home base.

What to look for when searching for franchise opportunities in Charlotte, NC?

1. Enough Eggs to Fill More than One Basket

One attractive feature a franchise can offer a potential franchise owner is the opportunity to derive revenue from more than one source as a key part of their business model.

By 2024, revenue from meal kits franchises and the meal prep industry is expected to skyrocket past the $7.6 billion mark. In this landscape, the ability to tap into multiple revenue streams is one of ways that UpFresh Kitchen has set itself apart.

Such revenue streams include weekly meal plan prep ready for pick up or delivery, dine-in services and online ordering, grab and go options, catering for special events and community coolers, in which opportunities exist to partner with complementary local businesses like gyms or other community hubs for easy pick-up or pre-ordered meals.

2. Operate the Day-to-Day with Ease

No one wants to plug into a franchise with overly complicated systems, especially someone who may be new to business ownership.

What does the ramp up look like ahead of launch? Is there sufficient start-up support and guidance before opening the doors, whether online or in person? Once up and running, what do the day-to-day operations look like realistically?

Ensuring there is a simple format to follow for operations can be a foundational ingredient in building a thriving business, minus the unnecessary stress and difficulty navigating the everyday functions of running a franchise business.

3. A Franchise Opportunity in Charlotte needs the Right Number of Staff

In 2021, franchising is projected to open more than 26,000 locations, add nearly 800,000 new jobs, and contribute $477 billion to the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP).

For new franchise businesses contributing to that growth, finding the right mix of reliable employees can be a monumental task in itself. When seeking out potential franchise opportunities in Charlotte, peace of mind comes in knowing that staffing can not only be a manageable endeavor, but a streamlined process.

Once a winning team is assembled, having initial and ongoing training to prepare staff with the best tools is another aspect to carefully review when exploring franchise opportunities.

A solid understanding of the business area’s typical peak and slower times of day and how those times may be influenced by the busier hours of neighboring businesses can also provide insight into staffing needs.

4. No Burning the Candle on Both Ends

Other elements to take into account when pursuing franchise opportunities in Charlotte are the operating hours required and how that may line up with lifestyle goals.

As a quick-serve franchise, UpFresh Kitchen intentionally set out to establish a concept in which operating hours for franchisees would not follow the typical industry example. No burning the midnight oil and beyond here, meaning a work-life balance can be an achievable reality for UpFresh Kitchen franchise owners.

5. An Established Brand with a Reputation for Quality

Connecting to an established system can provide an advantage in franchise ownership, and finding one with an in-demand niche market offers an even greater leg up.

With a staggering 58% of U.S. consumers making their preference for organic food widely known, finding fresh, packaged and ready-to-eat meals from a fast food franchise makes an option like UpFresh Kitchen desirable for the customer – and for the franchise owner, who is able to accommodate this growing desire for health-focused options amidst increasingly busy schedules.

UpFresh Kitchen is a smart franchise opportunity in Charlotte, NC.

6. Look No Further than an Already Solid List of Suppliers

Seeking out the best sources to supply a smooth-running franchise can be a serious time robber. When looking for franchise opportunities in Charlotte, knowing this side of the business is already in place is a major advantage.

UpFresh Kitchen has done the legwork, and connects franchisees with trusted suppliers in the area. UpFresh Kitchen also provides direct assistance in planning and ordering initial inventories to get up and running with ease.

7. Market Like a Well-Oiled Machine

So the sign has been hung and it’s time to roll out the red carpet to those first important customers who will go out and help spread the good word.

Having support materials from the start makes operating and marketing a franchise easier. As part of the investment package, UpFresh Kitchen franchisees receive branded marketing programs, materials and campaigns, including social media, local public relations and web presence. Getting the word out can be a piece of cake.

8. Thorough Training and Ongoing Support

When looking at franchise opportunities in Charlotte, North Carolina, looking at the big picture is a natural part of the evaluation process. Having significant support minimizes the inherent risk and makes the odds of running a rewarding franchise that much more tangible.

UpFresh Kitchen franchisees receive broad support:

  • Site selection guidance and build-out support
  • Comprehensive pre-opening training program
  • Continued opening week in-person team training
  • Assistance with planning and ordering inventories
  • Comprehensive operations manual and technology tools
  • Phone and email support
  • Periodic onsite visits to assist with marketing, operations, finances, quality control and guest service

Whether you’re looking at a franchise opportunity in Charlotte, North Carolina or another U.S. market positioned for growth in a particular industry, paying close attention to these eight critical factors when considering a franchise opportunity can save headaches and dollars, and provide the foundation for a dynamic business.

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