Fast Casual Restaurant Franchise: 4 Key Questions to Ask Before Owning one

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As a modern entrepreneur, you might be looking at your franchise options and wondering which direction you should move. Becoming the owner of a fast casual restaurant franchise could be the right choice for your future.

Before you start looking at fast casual franchise opportunities, though, it’s important to take a step back and ask a few important questions that can help you find a path that is right for you.

What is the Right  Fast Casual Franchise Opportunity?

Getting a big picture of the fast casual restaurant franchise industry is a must, so make sure to look at which restaurants are making waves and attracting customers. Determine which franchise might be ready to grow, and once you find the franchise you connect with, take the time to learn what you’ll need to become an owner.

Understanding the fast casual restaurant industry, and getting questions answered before starting the journey toward franchise ownership, helps potential owners establish a firm foundation and prepare for a leadership role. It can be a great way to begin.

1. Are Fast Casual Restaurant Franchises a Smart Investment?

There are some fundamental concerns that prospective owners of even the best fast casual franchises need to address, and first on the list should be how the industry stacks up. Learn how the field has looked historically, and check to see what sort of projected growth it has.

Many potential owners have opted to move into the fast-casual field and for good reason. The past few years have seen steady growth in the fast casual restaurant franchise industry. And the growth is expected to continue for at least the next five years, with a projected market size of $279 billion.

Fast casual dining has long been a favorite in this country, and that trend doesn’t look to end anytime soon, with industry growth estimated to keep on its present course. That expected expansion could make a fast casual franchise a good option for potential owners.

2. Is There a Fast Casual Restaurant That Offers Something New?

The fast-casual restaurant franchise industry is a mature and established one, and some potential owners might be looking to join a brand that is more in tune with modern fast-casual dining trends.  Are there any franchises that have particular appeal to, and a real connection with, the demands of present-day world?

Fast-casual trends in 2021-2022: The main fast-casual trend often involves options that support active and health-conscious lifestyles. That could give franchises like UpFresh Kitchen, which emphasize heart-smart cuisine and sourcing ingredients sustainably and responsibly, an avenue for growth and a model that can attract a loyal customer base.

Meal kit services in the U.S. have seen consistent growth in the past years. Prepared meal franchises can offer customers the convenience of fast food, with the responsible dining choices today’s guests have come to expect.  And when they offer options for the keto-conscious, vegetarians, and others, fast casual franchises that combine meal kit quality and fast-casual efficiency could be poised for growth.

3. How Does the Franchise Support Its Owners?

When potential owners start looking at fast casual restaurant franchises that interest them, one of the primary concerns they have should be what they can expect from the franchisor team. Support, both before and after the restaurant’s doors open, can be essential to a new owner.

Revenue stream options are also important. The more dining choices a customer has, the better the chances that they might find one that satisfies their needs and increases their brand loyalty.

UpFresh Kitchen understands that our brand is best positioned to grow when our owners are happy and know that we’ve got their back. We provide assistance with site selection and buildout, and we provide regular support and training to help ensure that each franchise has what they need to grow.

UpFresh Kitchen also recognizes the need for a multi-pronged revenue stream approach. Our owners can offer delivery, dine-in service, grab & go, community coolers, and weekly planned meals. It all helps make us a franchise with real potential.

4. What Do I Need to Become an Owner?

Asking the right questions before deciding to own a fast casual restaurant franchise can help establish which franchise might be the right one for you. And once you identify the franchise that works for you, it’s time to get down to business.

Every franchise will have its fee structure and financial requirements for owners listed in their Franchise Disclosure Document. This is vital information, so study it well to find out what you need to sign with the franchise you’ve chosen.

An UpFresh Kitchen franchise can be within reach of many potential owners. We require a minimum investment of about $180,000 and liquid capital reserves of $100,000. That could make us an appealing option for prospective owners operating with specific investment capabilities.

Own an UpFresh Kitchen Fast Casual Restaurant Franchise

Becoming a franchise owner is a goal that many seasoned professionals have, but it’s important to begin by asking basic questions that can help point them toward a franchise that fits their business approach.

UpFresh Kitchen has a fast casual restaurant franchise opportunity designed to move with the times. We offer the convenience of a quick-service restaurant and the health-conscious attitude and cuisine of a meal prep service, and we back our owners and developed a business structure to help as many of them as possible to join our franchise family.

UpFresh Kitchen is ready to grow, and we’re looking for potential owners to come along with us as we spread the word about our new take on fast casual.

Contact us to find out more, and start your journey today!




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